About Me

My name is Kylie. I’m in my mid twenties, a college girl, but as I’ve been taking classes for quite a few years now, I’m definitely on the “extended” plan! :) I started out doing phone sex on the side, but as time progressed, I realized that I honestly, totally, and completely love what I do! I love phone sex, I love making myself cum, I love meeting fun new guys and getting to know them while we play. I can’t imagine doing anything else~phone sex is my true love. You may already know me as KylieCallMe from Niteflirt.com, but I’ve recently decided to go completely independent and go out on my own. So this site, KyliesBedroom, is my new internet home. (And I’m happy that you’ve found me here!)

What you should know about me, first and foremost, is that I’m REAL. I love getting off, and I love getting you off! The stories I share are my own, and they’re ALL true. I don’t “fake” it, because what’s the point in that? I can only be who I am, and who I am is a smart, sexy, funny, charming girl who would love to share parts of your life with you!

I wish I could cram myself into a little “box” and describe my special brand of phone sex for you. But what I do is really a pretty eclectic mix, so sometimes it can be hard to explain! But I’ll try: My all time favorite is GFE phone sex (girlfriend experience.) I also love fetishes~cuckolding is a favorite. I adore realistic, intricate roleplays! I’m a total spoiled brat, so I play lots of forced intox and financial domination games. And of course naughty confession calls! Got a naughty secret to share? I love getting into your head… Learning what you like… Using it to achieve my number one goal which is: Giving you the HOTTEST phone call imaginable!

This site is still a work in progress, but in the coming days I’ll be adding more info about me, the types of calls I like, and an extended schedule so you’ll be sure to be able to get ahold of me! In the meantime, take a listen to my voice sample, and feel free to call me on the number listed above, or click one of the bright pink call buttons found in the sidebar of every page of this site to set up a web call. I can’t wait to get off with you!

  • About Me: Name: Kylie
  • Age: Mid 20’s
  • Birthday: January 4th (Capricorn)
  • Height: 5′4″
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Eyes: Hazel-brown
  • Marital Status: single, never been married
  • Location: Florida…I’m originally a midwestern girl, but I’ve travelled a lot…I’ve lived in Michigan, Maine, Washington DC, and California…
  • Favorite Sexual Position: Me on top of you, riding your cock. I also like it from behind…if you pound me really hard and I get to rub my clit while you fuck me :)
  • Favorite Color: Pink!
  • Favorite Music: Varied, mostly female artists…. Amy Winehouse, Kelly Clarkson, Eva Cassidy, Tori Amos, Duffy, Mariah Carey, Corinne Bailey Rae, Carrie Underwood, Lily Allen…. My *secret* guilty pleasures are Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus… Try not to laugh too hard! :) Lol….
  • Favorite TV Shows: CSI (only Las Vegas or NY), Nip/Tuck, Criminal Minds, Heroes, 24, Doctor Who (my VERY favorite!), Dexter, Torchwood, all of the “Stargates”, Law and Order…and almost ANYTHING on the History Channel! I do also like reality shows….America’s Next Top Model, Top Chef, American Idol, etc… My latest obsession is BBC America…lol…
  • Favorite Movies: Reservoir Dogs, Heathers, Snatch, the XMen Trilogy…I watch a TON of movies, so this is a hard one…changes often! I do LOVE Christian Bale, though…and Ryan Reynolds. And Bruce Willis and Mark Wahlberg… And I’ll stop now. *Giggles*
  • Favorite Authors: J. California Cooper, Charlaine Harris, Stephen King, Gregory Maguire, J.K. Rowling, Phillippa Gregory, Anya Seton. I’m LOVING fantasy fiction these days (i.e. “True Blood”), so pretty much anyone in that genre is great! :)
  • Favorite Food: Italian!!
  • Favorite Drink: Champagne. Exclusively Moet Champagne!
  • Turn Ons: Older men, men with accents, open minds, having my nipples sucked on.
  • Turn Offs: Men who don’t know (or won’t say!) what they want, rude people, sloppy kissers (ewww!)
  • Miscellaneous: My pussy is completely bald, I LOVE bubble baths, and I’m totally addicted to my Hitachi Magic Wand! *Blushes*

To find out more about me and my planned schedule, check out my old diary, my brand new blog, or my Twitter Feed!